Cosmetic Dentistry in Scarborough, Mississauga, and Brampton

Cosmetic Dentistry Near You

A wide range of elective dental procedures focus on your smile’s colour, shape, size, alignment and overall aesthetics. Whether you are looking to correct imperfections, whiten your teeth, or rejuvenate your smile, cosmetic dentistry can provide remarkable results.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is a field of dentistry that involves surgical procedures to diagnose, treat and correct various dental and facial conditions. These procedures may include tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement and jaw surgeries. Our dental team near you is full of well-trained professionals with extensive experience in surgical procedures.

Reasons to Get Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Aesthetics: Cosmetic dentistry will transform your smile, boost your confidence and allow for increased self-esteem.
  • Correct Alignments: If you are someone who is looking to correct an imperfection, chipped tooth, staining, misaligned or gaps, cosmetic dentistry is the choice.
  • Function: The comfort and function of your mouth can be enhanced after a proper cosmetic treatment.
  • Customized Plan: Every cosmetic treatment plan is tailored to your needs and goals. This will ensure your smile fits and resembles you as naturally as possible.
  • Same Natural Look: Cosmetic producers will blend seamlessly with existing natural teeth.

Steps of Cosmetic Dentistry

Consultation: During the consultation phase, our dentists will discuss with you about your goals, perform an examination, and recommend possible next steps.

Treatment plan: A personalized plan is created based on what our dentists find out through the examinations and your desired wishes for your mouth.

Procedure: Depending on your Plan, you may or may not need a local anesthetic, and the appointment time (s) may differ.

Treatment sessions: Depending on the severity and amount of work needed, you may need to undergo a series of appointments to complete your cosmetic transformation.

Final assessment: After the procedure, our dentists will ensure your smile functions perfectly and is aesthetically pleasing.

Maintenance guide: For preservation reasons, you will receive a guidance package for oral care that includes when to get regular checkups and at-home maintenance information. 

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