Dental Technology in Brampton

Dental Technology in Brampton, ON

Dentists and their staff frequently use various technology and related techniques to increase the accuracy of their treatments. Depending on the type of care you require, different pieces of equipment will be utilized to properly identify the source of your discomfort and conduct the appropriate procedure to remedy the issue.

When handled by a trained professional, dental technology is an extension of your care team, ensuring that your results are long-lasting, and your smile remains healthy. Our dentist near you is happy to address any inquiries you have about the technology we integrate into our treatment. Please contact our local clinic today.

What We Provide

At Orb Dental, we are very happy to incorporate the following technological services into our many treatments which include the following:

3 Shape Scanner

This is a type of intraoral scanner that allows us to make highly accurate digital impressions of your smile from multiple angles. The handheld device creates 3D images of your oral cavity and transfers them to a computer, which guides dental technicians as they create customized appliances and restorations like crowns and dentures.

Trios smile simulator

The smile similar is another type of dental scanner. It is frequently used to design Invisalign trays that are customized to a patient’s unique oral dimensions. A special camera captures a series of digital impressions that are then pieced together on a computer to form a model of the patient’s progress with Invisalign. This simulator can also be used to create other restorations, too.

Milling Machine

The milling machine also replaces traditional impressions. Images of a patient’s smile are taken and uploaded to related software, where a blueprint of the restoration they need is developed. Next, this blueprint is delivered to a milling machine – this piece of technology physically fabricates the restoration out of a block of ceramic, ensuring that it is smooth on all sites. Crowns, veneers, and inlays and onlays can all be made with this.

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